Theme Evolution - The modules of the theme


Accordion module

Usually used for faqs - and in this regard, you can enter structured data - you can still enter any content as a title and description of a product's characteristics, for example

Advanced slide carousel

It has a lot of settings and can be used in different modes: with 1 or more slides visible, you adjust the height of the slides, gallery format, with thumbnails for pagination or change the movement mode from slide to fade or you can be a vertical slider

Background video HTML5

It is the module that we find, for example, in the about page of the theme. It is possible to choose a video from your file manager, add a background color (overlay), add textual content, a cta, etc. and decide the alignment of the content

Background video Youtube

It is similar to the previous module but, in this case, the video will be a youtube link

Boxes with icon ... or image

I am lazy, I admit it so I thought having multiple boxes per row simultaneously might interest me. So here you go, choose whether to have image or icon, colors, texts, etc.


It is the module we used on the homepage with video background, immediately after the video you will see an alternation of text and image.
Also in this module there are several simple settings to align the text, add a parallax effect to the image, decide the height of the boxes, both for desktop and mobile, finally decide the order of the boxes for the mobile

Custom button

A button is always needed on a page; then this button is partly governed by the theme settings, but you can further customize it as appropriate

Last blog posts

It is a module that displays the last 4 blog posts

Masonry gallery with lightbox

A gallery that arranges the images in a masonry type collage; here you can choose after how many images to insert a larger one to create an unusual effect. There is the lightbox effect of opening the image inserted in a convenient slider

Parallax background image

Its most frequent use is just as a cta band of reference to a product or service. Choose the background image, any overlay and text to insert. Voila that's it

Pricing table

Here too many simple settings: from setting the number of cards visible per row, the colors ... ah if you need space for descriptions, it becomes a capacious accordion


This module was created to catalog the resources of a site: ebooks, infographics, reports, etc. You can choose image, description text, link to the resource and even the text of the button ... as well as the alignment of the boxes

Slider blog posts

It is a slider of the latest blog posts. It has multiple settings but intuitive to edit

Statistic bar

Remembering and relying on your successes is easy with this module in which you choose the icon that represents your focus, choose a title, the colors and the number of your success ... and multiply by as many times as you want

Teacher card

It is a module created for use on landing pages that have an ebook or webinar as their focus.
It involves inserting the image and data of the author of the ebook or the speaker of a webinar

Team member cards

Introducing your collaborators has now become a must for everyone. With this module you can insert image, role. emails and socials of team members. Ah the module has 3 versions to choose from


A simple module to enter testimonial reviews